Kanchana Anuradhi & Chithral’s Loveena by Thaala Roopa

Step into the enchanting world of “Loveena,” a captivating music video that delves into the legendary love story between Sri Lankan Governor Thomas Metland and the alluring Law cast girl, Loveena. Set in the year 1805, this mesmerizing video beautifully portrays their forbidden love, celebrated as a timeless tale in Sri Lanka. With the exquisite talents of artists Kanchana Anuradhi and Cithral Somapala, combined with the heartfelt lyrics by Gen. Kamal Gunaratne and the soulful melodies composed by Suresh Maliyadda, “Loveena” immerses you in a visual feast. Through the skillful direction of Chamil Pathirana and the expertise of Thaala Roopa, the best video production company in Sri Lanka, this music video captures the essence of their extraordinary love affair, leaving an indelible mark on your heart.

Loveena Love Story

Lovina and Thomas Maitland were an unlikely couple. She was a half-caste dancing girl from Sri Lanka, and he was a British governor. But their love for each other was strong, and they defied the odds to be together.
They met in 1806 when Maitland was first appointed Governor of Ceylon. Lovina was a beautiful and talented dancer, and she quickly captured Maitland’s heart. However, their relationship was frowned upon by Maitland’s superiors, who believed that it was inappropriate for a British governor to be involved with a local woman.
Despite the disapproval, Maitland and Lovina continued to see each other in secret. They built a tunnel between Lovina’s house and Maitland’s mansion so that they could meet without being seen.
The relationship lasted for several years, but it eventually came to an end. Maitland was recalled to England in 1811, and he never saw Lovina again.
However, their love story is still remembered today. The mansion that Maitland built in Mount Lavinia is now a hotel, and it is still known as the Mount Lavinia Hotel. The tunnel where they used to meet is still there, although it is now sealed up.

Loveena Music video

Loveena Music Video

“Loveena” is a mesmerizing music video that brings to life the poignant love story of Lovina, portrayed by Kanchana Anuradhi, and her beloved Thomas, played by Chitral Somapala. With captivating music composed by Suresh Maliyadda and heartfelt lyrics penned by Gen. Kamal Gunarathna, this music video beautifully captures the essence of their extraordinary love.
Directed by the talented Chamil Pathirana and produced by Thaala Roopa, the leading video production house in Sri Lanka, “Loveena” takes viewers on a visually stunning journey through the actual locations that hold significance in Lovina and Thomas’s love story. The video showcases the enchanting tunnel, which symbolizes their secret rendezvous, and Metland’s room, where their love blossomed.
Through evocative cinematography, the video effortlessly weaves together moments of joy, longing, and tenderness. The chemistry between Kanchana Anuradhi and Chitral Somapala shines as they portray the passion and resilience of Lovina and Thomas’s forbidden love. Their performances, combined with the mesmerizing scenery and the enchanting melodies, create an emotional experience that resonates with viewers.
“Loveena” captures the essence of love’s triumph over adversity, reminding us of the timeless power of love that transcends boundaries and societal expectations. This music video is a visual masterpiece that encapsulates the magic of Lovina and Thomas’s love story, leaving a lasting impression on all who watch it.

Loveena Music Video Credit

Chitral Somapala & Kanchana Anuradhi
Gen. Kamal Gunaratne
Melody & Music
Suresh Maliyadde
Video Director
Chamil Pathirana @Thaala Roopa


MOBITEL – Mount Lavinia Hotel – Ella Flower Garden Resort
Project Manager – Sagarika Sugathapala

Audio Production

All keys – Suresh Maliyadde
Flute – Indika Rajintha
Mixed & Mastered by Suresh Maliyadde @Fame Studios

Video Production

DOP – Hasitha Warnasooriya
Editor – Chamil Pathirana
Art Director – Buddi Sanjaya
Production Manager – Chanaka Fernando
DI Colorist – Ananda Bandara @Best Pictures
HMUA – Lakshitha Jayasingha
Costumes – Ramesha Oshini
Gaffer – Mahesh Gunaratna
Camera & Light Equipments – Feg Light & FEG
Camera Assistants – Kasun / Chamara / Amal / Asantha
Art Assistants – Hashini / Malith
Costume Assistants – Mahesh / Wasana
Post Production Assistant – Madushan
Production Assistants – Priyantha / Lalithaya / Dheshani
Video Production – Thaala Roopa 2023

Special Thanks

Mr. Sanath Ukwatte – Chairman/Managing Director, Mount Lavinia Hotel (Pvt) Ltd
Mr. Rohan Fernando – Chairman, SLT Mobitel
Mr. Lasantha de Silva – Account Manager, SLT Mobitel
Mr. Bathiya Jayakodi – Special Thanks
Dr. Dulan Hettiarachchi – Chairman, Cey-Nor Foundation Ltd
Mr. Sashika Bambarenda – Managing Director, Ella Flower Garden Resort
Thilomi Nanayakkara – Residence Manager, Mount Lavinia Hotel
Malinda Hidallarachchi
Shehani Joseph
Anusha Kaluarachchi
Patrick Fernando
Upeksha Hasmindi Rajapaksha
Emil Hettiarachchi
Madhavi Anuththara